Marianne D

I decided to start a fitness program with Kathy and True Body Fitness because my sister is getting married in Aug 2015. I ordered my dress back in May and wanted to make sure that I look good in it for the wedding. I now fit in my dress, the best result I could ever ask for! I like my program because Kathy is very knowledgeable. I've had trainers in the past and I've always felt that they do not give much thought to the sessions. I especially liked that Kathy has my session printed out and I can see my progression in terms of levels of difficulty. Off hand she is able to to show me each level of difficulty for each exercise. I respect that because I am a professional and I can see that I am working with a fellow professional from a different field. If someone is thinking of starting a program with True Body Fitness, I say, "You won't regret it!"

Tamara Taylor

I started working with Kathy and True Body Fitness because I felt that I needed to make a change and I knew I could not do it on my own... The type of changes that wanted to make called for a professional. I have lost pants and dress sizes, inches off every area of my body and my energy and self esteem had boosted 100%. I respect my trainer and her stick to it and do it right mind set. She does not settle for less then doing it correctly. I have changed my food consumption totally. The way I eat now, I eat more good food and it's totally awesome. I would encourage someone on the fence to come and get started, putting in the work will not be in vain and that they will receive the results they expect. Even if they don't know what to expect they will find out when they get started.

Jan T.

I am 56 years old and I have always stayed pretty active and fit and have watched my weight.  But over the last 3 years I had gradually gained about 12 pounds. When my clothes start getting uncomfortable, I know it's time to do something about it. I have definitely noticed that my arms, thighs, and toosh are much more toned. I am working on my core strength and toning my abs. Kathy always comes with a challenging workout. After finishing the workout , I feel really good. If I do get sore from a workout, it is usually gone after 24 hours. She is also really good about making sure you get a overall workout by focusing on different areas of the body on different days. She is also very much aware of how you are doing physically and is very pro-active about preventing injury. She had alternative exercises if someone is experiencing a some type of injury. If you are on the fence about join True Body Fitness, I would say just jump in and give it a try. You won't be disappointed! Kathy is a very organized trainer and will make sure you get the most out of every workout. She also provides menus and emails with helpful tips and links to recipes and fitness information. It is very helpful.

Tiffany Viera

I joined True Body Fitness just as I was turning 42. I decided I was tired of always being in a funk. I felt it was time to get serious about being in a healthy state of mind and body for myself and for my family. Plus, I wanted to look good in my clothes!!! Since starting my program, I have more energy, I'm more active: I can “really” play with my kids, I get up earlier in the morning to start my day, and I have more flexibility- I’m able to tie my shoes without sitting on the floor. Kathy designed a program to help me meet my needs and goals. Plus, she keeps me be accountable.

Rita Szlaboda

Since I began the program, I have a lot more energy, and I look and feel better overall. I have also developed strength and more muscle tone. The best thing about the boot camp and our trainer, Kathy, is the consistency of the program. Even though each day is different, I usually know what to expect. Like, Wednesdays are cardio and core, and Fridays are journal check. The boot camp is a great program. If you stay with it and eat a healthy diet, the results are rewarding. Kathy, our trainer is the best!

Athena Murphy

Kathy was able to get me safely weight lifting again after a two-year injury recovery hiatus. I would not be lifting again at my pre-injury weights were it not for Kathy's advice, precision and ability to teach form. Her commitment to break down each specific movement of a lift and translate that to me has been invaluable. She is a true professional and her fitness knowledge is a goldmine for any woman who needs to get fit safely and sanely. I give her my highest recommendation!

Stacey B

I had a pretty significant knee injury while playing soccer last October and decided to look into a personal trainer, as I had gained some weight and lost a tremendous amount of muscle (and confidence). Kathy has, by far, exceeded all of my expectations. Within the first few weeks I noticed increased muscle especially around my injured knee, which has helped me walk better. I have also been steadily losing weight and gaining energy as well as confidence. Having gone through a slew of trainers in the past I can honestly say that Kathy has been the most promising. She is quite approachable, yet firm in her methods while demonstrating her expertise in proper form, technique, diet and exercises specific to my body type and weight loss plan. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer